Our purpose

The National Coalition of Girls' Schools (NCGS) is the leading advocate for girls' schools, connecting and collaborating globally with individuals, schools, and organizations dedicated to educating and empowering girls.

Our principles

  • We engage the power of many voices to strengthen our schools, communities and world.
  • We challenge limits to imagine and explore new possibilities.
  • We inspire the next generation to lead with courage, competence, and empathy.
  • We prepare girls for lives of commitment, confidence, contribution and fulfillment.

Our practice

  • Advocacy: We champion the unique benefits of all-girls schools.
  • Research: We conduct, sponsor, and disseminate research on issues of importance to girls’ education.
  • Networking: We connect member schools with each other and to strategic partners to advance our work on behalf of girls.
  • Professional Development: We convene international, national, regional, and online forums to exchange best practices for educating girls.